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Nick MarcelaBruche4
Vorname Marcela
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What's Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is your World most prestigious watch brand founded by Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe in 1851.

These Swiss-made masterpieces are not only breathtakingly beautiful but are well known for their precision and accuracy. Patek Philippe balances it's a commitment to tradition whilst continuously seeking new innovation. It is presently owned and managed by the Stern family.
Throughout its existence, it has been owned by various powerful and famous individuals, including Pope Pius IX, Queen Victoria, Victor Emanuel III of Italy, Christian IX of Denmark, and Albert Einstein.

The History of Patek Philippe

The founding watchmakers, Patek and Philippe, first formed their business partnership in 1845. Once they founded their business in 1851, they had been instrumental in popularizing watch innovations like the perpetual calendar, split-seconds hand, chronograph, and the minute repeater in watches.
In 1935 the business was purchased by the Henry Stern Watch Agency who brought it to america. In the years because it has introduced groundbreaking collection after collection. An especially important milestone collection came in 1976 when Patek Philippe introduced its Nautilus collection, its very first sports watches.

The Recent Workings of Patek Philippe

The Majority of its current Watches are mechanical, but it does have some top quality quartz watch brands. It Made its first mechanical digital watch in 1954. With this and for all of Its projects throughout its history, Patek Philippe has manufactured its own Watch components.
These watches are so valued that they continue to glean top bids At auctions. The Business also continues to be extremely productive, churning Out tens of thousands of new watches every year. The top man in charge has been Thierry Stern since 2010. He's driven to direct it to even greater innovation. Visit our website patek philippe mens watches for sale.